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faint/fānt/ (noun)
1. a sudden loss of consciousness: "she hit the floor in a dead faint"

Fainting Cow Vegetarian Restaurant & Bar emphasizes the benefits of plant-based foods while allowing small amounts of animal products. It takes a primarily plant-focused approach to eating, but including some meat and other animal products,

like eggs and dairy, in moderation for our "flexitarian" customers. Our assignment was to create a branding strategy that complimented their mission statement. We further completed marketing materials and the company website.

fainting cow brown color swatch
fainting cow cream color swatch
fainting cow teal color swatch

Color System

fainting cow logo

Branding & Logo Design

fainting cow restaurant interior

Interior Restaurant Design

Feast & Bounty

Nature, bounty, seasonality and a close focus on the richness of Hudson Valley Farms  are the guiding principles of the Fainting Cow's approach to a creative vegetarian culinary identity. Executive Chefs Michelle Bouvant and William Lacey present an innovative menu, highlighting vegetable-forward cuisine.

fainting cow fresh vegetable platter
fainting cow chef workingin kitchen
chef holding capons
fainting cow grilled fish on parchment

Fish & Foul

We specialize in vegetarian cuisine.  We cater to different levels of the vegetarian diet.  We include fish and fowl for those who are "flexitarians".

Fresh Faire'

We partner with local Hudson Valley Farms to insure all of our ingredients are local, fresh and organic.

fainting-cow-pasta salad plate
fainiting cow close up image of flour falling on raw tagliatelle pasta on black background
fainting cow dairy assortment image

Dairy & Eggs

Yes...we use dairy products such as eggs, milk, cheeses and butter all locally sourced.  We have an extensive cheese selection we pair with our select wines.

fainting cow dessert plate
fainting cow sushi green salad
fainting cow fine dining ravioli plate
fainting cow menu design

Menu Design

fainting cow business cards

Business Card Design

fainting cow take out boxes

Food Take-Out Box Design

fainting cow shopping bags

Shopping Bag Design

fainting cow web design

Restaurant Website Design - Desktop Display

That's a Wrap!

Fun....Fun....Fun Project.

Everyone is super happy and the new marketing is a success!



9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


The Hudson Valley Region


The Continental United States


New Windsor, NY 12553

(914) 643-1773

(800) 396-7660